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We are a ministry to the professional drivers of America and anyone associated with the trucking industry.  It is our desire to reach the lost in this industry and offer fellowship to those who are followers of Christ.  We also want to partner with other ministries to this industry; knowing we cannot do the work alone. 

A Message From Chaplain Jerry

     We are thrilled to be involved in this exciting and vital ministry of reaching the professional drivers of America with the good news of Jesus Christ.  It is a challenging ministry but our heart is to reach as many drivers as possible.  We also desire to provide ministry to Christian drivers, drivers families, and truck stop personnel.

     Having driven over the road, I know the stresses and temptations drivers face every day.  Our nation relies on its truck drivers but they are often put down and treated with little or no respect.  However, we know that Jesus loves them and we want to share that message with them.

     In the past I have served as Team Leader for the Truckstop Ministries Chapel at the Petro in Milan, NM.  God gave me many opportunites to touch the lives of drivers there.  However, He has placed a great desire on my heart to plant chapels nationwide.  Of the over 6,000 truck stops in America only aproximately 250 have chapel ministries of one type or another.  Our desire is to have chapels at as many truck stops as possible. 

     In line with this vision and after much prayerful consideration we have decided to partner with Transport For Christ (TFC).  I now serve with them as a Special Assignment Chaplain.  We are currently purchasing a truck that will be used for various aspects of ministry.  The goal will be to be able to haul freight into an area where TFC has a chapel to support the ministry there or to where TFC plans to place a chapel to help with the development process.

      We are also developing an online training course for those interested in chaplaincy ministry to truck drivers and their families.  This will be for both the driver who wants to serve as a missionary on the road and those in local churches who want to start a ministry at a local truck stop.

     We also want to support the Christian drivers who are traveling ministers.  We want to provide them with encouragement and resources to help them in their ministries.  Our partnership with them will help us all reach more drivers with the Gospel.

     We would love to have you or your church as a part of our team.  We will be glad to help you establish a trucking ministry in your local area.  We also need your prayer and financial support.   If you would like more information about how you can be a part of this team to reach drivers email me at chaplainjerry@4lanes4jesus.org.  If you wish to make a direct donation to this minsitry you can click on the "donate" button on the donation page.  We are a 501(c)3 ministry and all gifts are tax deductible.  Please take time to view the various pages on this site to learn more about this ministry.  We pray that God will richly bless you!


Bringing HOPE to lonely roads,

Chaplain Jerry L. Pike

"Many of the approximately five million truck drivers in our nation do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They are a "forgotten" mission field in America. My deepest desire is to reach professional drivers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."   - Jerry Pike
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